Never underestimate the potential of a basement.

A while back, the basement was often used as a storage room, maintenance room, cold room, or an extended part of the garage. It was hardly considered a part of the house. Why go downstairs to a chilly, damp space? It was simply not common to renovate as though it were just another room in the house.

Nowadays, home buyers look for homes with finished basements because of the design potential and use. So much can be done with all that extra space, especially if you’re accommodating a family of four or five. Plus, making use of that extra space adds much more value to your home. If you’re conscious about resell value, a finished, well-designed basement is ideal.

Some popular basement renovations in Montreal include:


If you’ve got kids, this is your chance to give them the space they need to release their playful energy. They can store their toys and enjoy some free time, and the best part is: you don’t have to worry constantly about breakable objects in their path or excessive noise travelling around the main rooms of the house.

Indoor slides, a ball pit, picnic tables, playhouses, cubbies for storage—the options are endless. And with all the running and playing around, it may be wise to install resilient, noise-absorbing flooring such as linoleum or wall-to-wall carpeting.


Why not make your basement that trendy bar area you’ve always wanted?

It’s easier than you think. There’s no need to go out and purchase a bar online or at your local furniture store—in fact, they can get quite pricey. It can be much more cost-efficient to have it built from scratch. Choose your own materials and install it right in place. You can even make it movable. Add a few stools, hang some liqueur bottles, a set of wine glasses, throw down an ornate rug for character, and voila!

Game Room

This option is becoming more and more common. If you enjoy entertaining—or your friends naturally gravitate towards your home—then this is the best basement use for you.

Darts, ping pong, pool—you name it; and if it’s not large enough for a pool table, not to worry.  There are tons of other ways to make this an awesome game room. Mount a large screen TV, connect all your consoles, line up all your board games, and place a small poker table. This will be useful for any card or board game.

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