This year has been a big one in the world of kitchen design. Interior designers began to take more risks with the kitchen, which has traditionally been viewed as a purely functional space. These days, designers are integrating function and fashion to create kitchens that are practical as well as beautiful. If you’re considering having your kitchen remodeled, here are some of the top kitchen design trends of the season.

Grey is the New Black

The hottest colour for kitchens this season is a soft, muted grey. The subtle shade adds a neutral tone to any space without being as stark and saturated as a pure white. Bold primary yellows, blues and reds are waning in popularity, whereas lighter greys are becoming more and more common kitchen colour pallets because they can easily match and compliment any design choice.

Statement Fixtures

While kitchen paint colours may have gone decidedly more reserved, kitchen fixtures are bolder than ever. Colourful countertops, oversized cabinets, large lighting fixtures and big metal range hoods above the oven are just a few of the bold accents that are popular this season. These larger-than-life statement fixtures add a sense of drama and three-dimensionality to any space.

Integrated Spaces

Kitchens aren’t just where you store and prepare food. Kitchens are often used as social spaces where the entire household can meet up, talk and spend time together. Because of this fact, many kitchens are being remodeled to better integrate with the rest of the house. Kitchens are being expanded into dining rooms and living rooms to create a larger space that is good for cooking as well as relaxing. Couches, shelves and seating areas can help turn kitchens into beautiful multi-purpose areas.

Get the most out of your kitchen with these bold and exciting new design trends. If you’re renovating or remodeling your kitchen in Montreal, you can count on the experienced and professional designers and contractors at Mannetta Industries to get the job done right from start to finish. For more information on our home renovation services, contact us today.