The New Year is just around the corner, and trend forecasters are already predicting what the latest home design and decor trends will be in 2017. If you’re thinking about a home remodeling or redesign, you still have a few months left to plan the perfect home renovations for the New Year. Here are just a few of the top home design trends predicted in 2017.

Colour Trends

The big colour for the New Year is blue. Many interior designers and home decor experts have started incorporating the cool and calming colour into their projects. However, it’s not just any shade of blue that will be popular, according to experienced home design trend forecasters. Grey-blues such as Heron Blue and Slate are the most desirable home decor colours at the moment. These colours have a vibrancy that make a space come alive but they’re still soft and subtle enough to compliment any space.

Marble Accents

Another big home decor trend that is predicted for 2017 is marble accents. For an additional touch of elegance in your home, consider adding marble accessories such as candle holders, vases and statues, clocks and other hanging pieces, or kitchen tools like cutting boards. Marble flooring and counter space in your kitchen or bathroom is also a great way to add this sophisticated and stunning material into your home.

Accent Mirrors

The majority of bathrooms are outfitted with a mirror, but they’re usually small and don’t stand out in most houses. One of the design trends predicted for 2017 is big, eye-catching accent mirrors in bathrooms. Not only do large mirrors serve a practical purpose of making it easier for you to see yourself, they also reflect light to make a space appear larger, brighter and more open.

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