Mold is a serious health risk that may be lurking in your home. Mold can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations and even severe respiratory illnesses. Having mold removed from your home as soon as it’s discovered is the best way to keep your household clean and safe. But how do you know if you’re living with mold? Here is some information about how to spot mold in your home so you can informed about any potential infestation.

Allergic Symptoms

If you’re experiencing allergic reactions but can’t trace the source, there’s a chance that mold is growing somewhere in your home. Some people react more sensitively to mold than others, so if you notice that you break out in a rash or hives when at home but not when you’re out of the house, have you home inspected for mold immediately.

Suspicious Odour

The biggest tell-a-tale sign that there’s mold in your home is a musty smell. Many times, the only indication that there’s a mold infestation is the smell that mold emits—mold can grow underneath floorboards, inside our walls, and even above your ceiling tiles, so you may have to use your nose rather than your eyes to track it down.

Visual Signs

Most people have an idea what mold looks like but spotting it visually can often be difficult. Mold can grow in a number of colours and patterns, making it hard to separate from regular dirt and grime. Mold can range in colour from black to white to grey and even green, and it can grow in a dotted, spiral or lined formation. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’ve spotted mold in your home, contact a professional mold expert to have your home inspected.

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