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Building your environment to the next level is easy with Mannetta’s general contractor services.

We’ve got all your needs covered: from residential remodels, building your home or adding an extension to commercial offices, repair damages and everything in between.

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All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We want you to know just how special you and your project are to us, so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.




We offer dependable full-service kitchen remodeling services for the Montreal and Laval areas.



Enjoy brand new, luxurious bathrooms from the Montreal area’s bathroom remodeling experts.



Add extra space and extra value to your home with add-ons from the home additions specialists.


Whole Homes

Transform your entire house into a beautiful home with Montreal’s top home renovation contractors.

Basement Renovations

Basement remodeling and renovation provides more more usable space without having to put an addition on.

Property Damage

We are Montreal’s and Laval’s most skilled property damage restoration company, helping countless home owners

Mold Remediation

Offering complete mold remediation in Montreal and Laval through detailed inspections and removal.

Are you sitting on a residential or commercial renovation project? Let Mannetta Industries Inc. help you get started.

We work with everything from residential remodelling and building homes to commercial office extensions and property restoration in the Montreal and Laval areas. From repairing damages to building new additions, we do it all.

Our goal is to hit your desired objectives.

Let Mannetta Industries Inc. help you with your residential home renovation projects and commercial renovations. We have a deep expertise in basement remodelling and renovation, kitchen remodelling, bathroom remodelling, home additions; complete home renovations, mold remediation and property restoration.

Do not hesitate to inquire about an idea or direction you’d like to take. No matter the project, we can offer you outstanding services and professional advice throughout the process, all for a price that suits your budget and a time frame that works with your schedule.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staffs know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Renovations take time, energy, efficiency, planning, making choices and whole lot of decision-making. We want you to know that we will always put your needs first. You can expect that throughout the planning and execution phases with Mandetta Industries Inc. that we will always strive to hit your desired outcome.

What we do

Kitchen Remodelling – Revitalize an out-dated kitchen by remodelling it with Mandetta Industries Inc.. Make your kitchen a warm, inviting and nice place to spend time in with friends and family while raising the value of your home! We can help you with purchasing and installing new flooring, appliances, cabinet systems, kitchen islands, new countertops and re-working the design plan of your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodelling – Is your bathroom falling apart? Is it just not cutting it anymore? Bathrooms are a place of relaxation, a sanctuary in the home and their ambiance is more important than you’d realize. Let Mandetta Industries Inc. re-work an old bathroom to give it a new sense of style and ambiance. We can work with you to design a bathroom that has more space, which is energy efficient and has updated fixtures that will increase your home value in Montreal. Get that new bathtub that you deserve.

Home Add-ons – Need some extra storage space? Looking to create a laundry room? Are you envisioning a new room or a second floor in your home? Do you want to create an additional guesthouse? These are just a handful of home renovation and building projects we are well versed in. Our professional team is made up of a diverse group of detail-oriented planners, architects, designers and craftsmen who will work hard to realize your vision.

Full Home Renovation – Are you ready for a change? Many people renovate their homes because they are old, out-dated and in need of some serious love. Mandetta Industries Inc. can work with you to renovate both the interior and exterior of your home to make it a safer, comfortable and more efficient home. From electrical wiring to strengthening the infrastructure of your home, Mannetta Industries Inc. can do it all!
We offer mold remediation services for old homes that have mold living in wood in your home, carpet, drywall, tiles, in the insulation, in wallpaper and in fabric and upholstery. Finally, if your home has been damaged from a fire or a natural disaster, you can count on us to provide property restoration services.

Mandetta Industries Inc. always strives at every project thrown our way. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for residential home renovations or renovations for your commercial property in the Montreal and Laval area.

From the simple to the lavish, we’ve experienced it all

We’ve happily done it all for over 15 years, Let us take care of your project!

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At Mannetta Industries Inc., we’ve built our livelihoods on remodeling people’s homes. From the simple to the lavish, we’ve experienced it all and we can help you every step of the way. No job is too small or too big for our knowledgeable crews. We’ve happily done it all for over 15 years now !