2016 has been an exciting year for interior home design. One room that has been getting a lot of attention recently is the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most functional and frequently used rooms in any home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish as well. If you are considering remodelling your bathroom, here are a few of the latest bathroom design trends to help inspire you.

Accessible Baths and Showers

Slippery and difficult bathtubs have long been a safety hazard in most bathrooms. Luckily, there are many comfortable and stylish alternatives to help you get in and out of the bath with ease. Consider installing a shower handrail or bathtub bench to make bathing simple and safe. These bathing safety extensions are great for seniors as well as young children.

Large Tiling

There has been a recent resurgence in tiling bathroom and shower walls with large-format square tiles. This classic look is a great way to create a refine and elegant atmosphere in your bathroom. Large tiles create a seamless and open look, which helps to make your bathroom appear bigger than it may actually be. Chose a single tile colour for a unified look, or pick two alternating tile colours for a more eye-catching design. Dirt and grout lines appear less with large tiles, making cleaning much easier.

Water Efficient Fixtures

One of the biggest bathroom trends that has emerged this year is water-efficient fixtures. More and more home owners are becoming environmentally conscious because of rising utility costs and increasing concerns about water scarcity. It’s no wonder that many people are redesigning their bathrooms to include low-flush toilets and water-saving bathroom and sink faucets. These contemporary and easy-to-install fixtures will make your bathroom stylish and eco-friendly.

Remodeling your bathroom requires serious consideration. It’s important to design your bathroom in a way that it is stylish but also functional and practical for your lifestyle. If you want to a bathroom renovation in Montreal or Laval, contact Mannetta Industries Inc. today and find out how we can help.